Company PRONAR is a commercial company operating in Poland since 1994. The company’s seat is located in Kamieniec Wrocławski, at Gajków, ul. Wrocławska 1, in its own office building with a big storage facility. The company has several branches throughout the country. The oldest branch is situated in Poznań and the remaining ones in Cracow, Warsaw, Szczecin and Lublin. For several years we have been co-operating with Nordwest Handel AG, a purchasing group with its business seat in Hagen (Germany).

We possess certificate ISO9001-2001 since 2005.

PRONAR is a supplier of professional tools, machines and equipment for general and automotive industry and provides the service of fitting utility vehicles with a system Vario made by Bott.

PRONAR is a general representative of Wilhelm Bott GmbH and Gage Bilt Rivet Tools (USA) in Poland

If you have any further questions regarding our activity, you may contact us in Polish, English or German at:

Pronar Narzędzia i Zabudowy Sp. z o.o Sp. k.
Gajków, ul. Wrocławska 1
PL 55-002 Kamieniec Wrocławski
or via e-mail: info@pronar.com.pl
Yours faithfully,